Windows Within: Insight, Creativity and Transformation

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  1. Innovation Vs. Transformation: The Difference In A Digital World
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Innovation Vs. Transformation: The Difference In A Digital World

An artful leader must know how to lead people creatively. Since all great art pushes boundaries beyond established norms, it can teach us about leadership, empathy, ambiguity, change, courage, and creativity. The arts take us on adventures in creative expression that help us safely explore unknown territory, overcome fear, and take conceptual risks.

Art-making has an alchemical effect on the imagination. Artistic processes create a crucible for transforming leaden thinking into the gold of wisdom. Art-based activities can be used strategically to create safety, build trust, find shared values, shift perceptions and generate breakthrough ideas — by combining right-brain imagination with left-brain logic and analysis. Insights from art experiences inform leadership and inspire breakthrough ideas for innovation. Explore the arts as an interdisciplinary catalyst for transformation in culture, creativity, identity, and your own personal development as a leader.

Art provides an opportunity for kaleidoscopic thinking. Each time we shift the lens of our perceptions, we gain new perspectives — and new opportunities for innovation.

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Arts based activities include drawing, painting, storytelling, theatre improvisation, music, photography and poetry. Arts-based dialogue teaches leaders to look at an issue from multiple perspectives, make sense of the world we inhabit.

Artful reflection helps us sense patterns, decode complexity, make sense of the world in which we live, and explore new possibilities. As new technology like smartphones and internet-connected devices emerged, society underwent transformations to accommodate those innovations. Innovation is the rethinking or reimagining of a business process that already exists.

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Essentially, once a transformation is realized and the new reality is established, innovation describes when those norms are again challenged. For example, after social media reshaped social communication dynamics, various other accepted norms such as news, entertainment, recreation, content, and business had to change.

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Now, social media is being reimagined for countless purposes, including business. Once social media became part of everyday life, it became easier for brands to connect with their audiences and customers. Social media platforms allow brands to constantly provide audiences with valuable content and have a more meaningful relationship with them.

Many customers like to feel connected to the brands they like and relish the opportunity to make a difference. Social media was the innovation, and it led to a transformation in how businesses reach their customers. Apple probably comes to mind for most people when they think of innovative companies. Every announcement from Apple is awaited with bated breath from countless users who enjoy their products.

From the iMac to the iPhone, every Apple product has been repeatedly improved for better customer satisfaction. New iterations of Apple devices encapsulate the idea of product innovation: assessing the success of an established product and challenging its capabilities to deliver something even better.

The 2010 IBM Global CFO Study: Transformation, Innovation and Insights

Having said that, even Apple has been challenged in recent times as people want more from their innovation efforts putting pressure on them and their technology partners to continue to push the boundaries of what is possible. When a new product enters the market or a new service generates a great deal of sudden demand, an entire industry can shift seemingly overnight as competitors race to create something on par or better.

We're a social purpose company. We work in partnership to improve lives and strengthen societies.

Third-party developers scramble to provide the best content and services possible to accompany the newcomer. Consumers benefit the most , because this disruption generates competition, which in turn leads to better products and services for the end customer. Transformation describes those ongoing processes that happen in the world after innovation enters the scene.

Google is a great example of a transformative company. Today, the search engine is highly recognizable and easy to use, but since its inception, Google has undergone constant revision, optimization, and reconfiguration to deliver more accurate and relevant search results for users.