Healing The Father-Wound

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  1. Healing The Father Wound
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  3. The Father Wound: What It Is, Its Effects, & How To Heal | Daniel Passini
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Brutal is right. So clear.

I am so glad you shared that moment with him, and reached a place of being two people trying to figure out life. They are lucky to find you! Wow, Jen, so awesome.

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I just hope I make it out alive. Thanks for sharing! Ah, that is an equally hard one to process and heal. I have no doubt that you will make it out alive and kicking.


Thank you! This is an awesome post. I was able to work through an alcoholic father wound many, many years ago and became very close to my father before he died in We had a wonderful relationship that I still treasure while I miss him. I too broke the cycle and ended up with a wonderful man who shares some of my favorite qualities of my dad. It does make a difference when they try and meet you halfway.

Healing The Father Wound

Your post is my inspiration. I have the same issues but due to an emotionally absent mother. You absolutely can get well. Jen, I find so many similarities in our journeys! I too have a father whom I can describe in the same terms, and the effects I feel from him fathering me. I also know deep in my heart that he has a sensitive and poetic soul, and that he never had a chance to express it in his own time.

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The Sydney Morning Herald

Skip to content. April 19, Jen Miller. Share this:. Like this: Like Loading Published by Jen Miller. Previous post Spirituality Without Labels. So, here is what the side-effects of this dysfunctional father-wounded childhood were:. So, how did I manage to overcome these effects of my father-wound?

The Father Wound: What It Is, Its Effects, & How To Heal | Daniel Passini

This, after all, is what this post is about. I want to help men to shed this painful burden. I am hoping that my experience and battle scars can help men, young or old, to overcome the debilitating effects of their father-wound. This battle is our trying to maintain or regain our manhood. This battle is for our health mental, spiritual, and physical , our success, our families, our very souls — as men. And although I still struggle at times, I know how to get through this. Here are proven steps to help you:.

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This is probably the most difficult part in your recovery. Forgiving your father will help you get past the hurdle of your father-wound. You see, when you forgive, you accelerate your healing. When you forgive, you are freeing not just your father, but also yourself from the bondage of hatred and bitterness. This will liberate you to…. Do you know what I did as a young and clueless man when I haphazardly began taking steps to overcome my father-wound?

Two things:. Look to the perfect Father. What anchored me more than anything through my exerting struggle towards manhood was my faith in God — the Perfect Father. You see, a father-wound stems from a really bad relationship or none at all with our earthly dads.

Yoga of the Mother Wound

The solution and healing then come from a really good relationship with our heavenly Father. The father wound is the absence of this love from your birth father. The wound can be caused by:.

The effect of a father wound is low self-esteem, a deep emotional pain inside and a performance orientation that makes us "doers" rather than "beings. We tend to have four barriers that inhibit the healing of this wound:. Instead of going to the pain and receiving the healing we need, we tend to respond to life events by creating a misconception about our "Self.

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As long as we accept these words as truth, we will experience depressed, anxious and angry lives.